They spell his name right, but can’t properly insert an infinitive marker?

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How do you say “typo” in Russian?

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New York Times fails to capitalize the beginning of a word in a sentence.  Good article, tho’.

I think providing the email address just once should suffice.

I don’t want to sound too defensive here, but I don’t know why I always read the Times’s “Weddings and Celebration” section each Sunday. Anyway, I’m glad I peeked in this week, because I caught this obvious typo in the announcement of May Tsui and Matias Verna’s marriage:

Okay it’s not the Times, but CBS is comparable.


One of the weird perverse pleasures I get out of reading the New York Times online occurs when I come across a typo in one of their articles. I suppose the word here is “schadenfreude.”

Without further ado, here’s typo #1: